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Enhanced brand, boundless reach, infinite opportunities

Our strength?

With extensive experience in digital marketing, branding and public relations, Groupdi can provide clients with value-added solutions both online and offline to meet each specific business need, exponentially increase clientele, giving your business the leading edge.


Digital marketing

Garner the best online exposure and let your opportunities know no bounds

Through comprehensive analysis of your business needs and target audience, we develop strategies that leverage the most appropriate social media platforms not only allowing for engagement with existing customers but also channels to explore unmet needs of potential customers. Integrating Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and mobile marketing our digital marketing strategy will ensure that all hidden opportunities are realized. Further synergizing Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), renowned online bloggers and personalities’ word-of-mouth impact with their substantial fanbase, your positive brand message is sure to be timely and powerful!



Amplify your message online and optimize your conversion rate

To provide marketing strategy consulting, targeted and systematic to help customers conduct market research and analysis, select the appropriate online marketing platform and provide creative advertising, effective brand promotion or co-brand cross promotion, increase the participation of target audiences, enhance customer The brand image and brand concept passed to every corner of the world.


Public Relations

Engage your audience, Enhance your Brand, Establish your Credibility

Communication with your audience through media exposure is key to increasing brand awareness. Our PR strategy is derived from in-depth analysis and understanding of each media’s demographics through years of media outreach and well-established media relations. We pave the way for brands to speak directly to desired audiences through the process of formulating industry-specific media angles, effective copywriting, media liaising and pitching.


Event Management

We tailor and innovate so your brand can elevate

Analysis of different markets and target audiences, designing innovative activities to increase the interaction between you and your customers and highlighting your distinctive brand image is just the start to our events! We can further magnify the effect and extend reach of your campaign and inspire confidence amongst your audience through media outreach and celebrity endorsement.


Design & Production

Intricate design to give your brand that sprinkle of finesse

Show off your business with our creative designs combined with high quality production. It is through thorough understanding of our clients that we are able to provide cohesive designs and promotional contents including graphics, stage production and video production that accentuate brand identity and amplify brand promotions.

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